Last Updated: January 2024

Stuart Ritson

Are you interested in finding a supportive, helpful consultancy partner for your coffee business? Whether you are looking to open a cafe, putting together articles for a coffee magazine, planning to host an event or need support on sourcing coffees, I would love to help. With wide reaching insights and a broad network in the coffee industry, I am confident that I can provide meaningful advice that will improve your business.

Reach out if you would like to know more and please check out my work experience and media below for more insights into the work I do.



Living in:           Groningen, Netherlands
Working at:          Osito Coffee
Volunteering with:   Good Hands in Coffee      
Drinking:            El Rubi roasted by Swerl Coffee


-  Director of Sales for Europe and UK at Osito Coffee (2021 - Present)
-  Owner at Untitled Coffee (2020 - Present)
-  Consultant at S Ritson Consulting (2019 - Present)

- SCA Board Member (Representing Barista Guild) (2020)
- Barista Guild Leadership Council Member (2016-2021)
- Director of European Sales, Cafe Imports (2016 - 2019)
- Business Development Manager, Workshop Coffee (2013 - 2016)
- Cafe Manager, Monocle Cafe (2013)
- Account Manager, Rare Tea Company (2012)


- Interview for on the C Market (Link)
- Panel with Digital Coffee Futures on Logistics (Link)
- Panel with Cropster on Green Coffee Storage (Link)
- Panel Discussion on Communication between Roasters and Growers, hosted by Algrano for the London Coffee Festival (Link)
- Host of All Stars Online Episode 5 with Alexandru Niculae (Link) and Episode 6 with Michalis Dimitrakopoulus (Link)
- Key Note Presentation on COVID-19 and Coffee at the Middle Eastern Coffee Conference
- Guilds and Price Crisis: What’s our Role? 2019 (Link)
- Transparency in Green Coffee, Nordic Roaster Forum, 2019 (Link)
- Challeges. Coffee Cultivation, at Probat 150, 2018 (Link)
- Panel Discussion, CoLab Bucharest 2018 (Link)
- Panel Discussion, CoLab Berlin 2017 (Link)


- Certified Coffee: marketing hype or Real world impact? by Adventures in Coffee
- The Challenges of being a Biological Coffee Farmer with Tim Wendelboe at CoLab Bucharest 2018
- Building Blocks of a Cafe with Ralf Rueller at Colab Belfast 2018


- S Ritson Blog
- Article about EUDR with Coffee Intelligence
- Interviewed for Perfect Daily Grind on Micro Roasting
- Market Review 2020/2021 for the Roasting Market place in conjunction with Algrano Coffee
- ‘What the f*ck is the Cup of Excellence?’ in Caffeine Magazine, Edition 47
- Blog piece on Sustainable Coffee during the COVID-19 Crisis on Well Grounded’s website
- Interview on Coffee Technician’s Guild Website
- ‘What the f*ck is Robusta?’ in Caffeine Magazine, Edition 46
- ‘What the f*ck is the C Price?’ in Caffeine Magazine, Edition 40
- ‘Four Questions with Stuart Ritson’  interview in Barista Magazine, Apr/March 2019 Edition  
- ‘Rebellion Antidote: A dialogue between Tea and Coffee’ in Fire & Knives, Edition 13
- ‘Bronze, silver and academics’ in Fire & Knives, Edition 10


- Former SCA Board Member (2020).
- Founded ‘Cuppin’ Berlin’ Online Community that promotes cuppings and tasings in Berlin, Germany.
- Formerly Events Manager and Chair of Barista Guild of Europe
- Planned, ran, hosted and judged in multiple Aeropress Competitions (Ireland, Turkey, Netherlands and Germany)
- Organised and curated a one off exhibition of photography in support of refugee charities - A Polaroid for a Refugee

Launched: Good Hands in Coffee has just launched! If you are looking for a list of charities and NGOs working in the coffee industry, this is the place:
Thanks to Shaun Lynch for his illustration and design support on Good Hands in Coffee.